As a new mom I had to do lots of research about things that could have caused harm to my child. I believe every parent should be able to find important information easily and shouldn’t have to search for it. This is why I made this video for you, to share my knowledge with you and hope you will share it with all the parents you know to avoid any harm on babies.
I am talking about the 3 biggest mistakes I see all around the time around me. I have seen them in the US and also in Germany. Especially first time parents are making these 3 big mistakes and I think it is because of a lack of knowledge and can be changed easily.

⚡️This Video has subtitles in English, Spanish, German and more!

⚡️My mission here: My passion is helping other parents to learn more about Waldorf, needs-based education and a natural way to parent.
On this channel, you’ll find weekly toy tutorials, natural recipes, educational, cloth diaper and more videos.
I believe every child deserves the best start in life and a safe and healthy environment!


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💘(2:54) Stroller Cover:
💘(5:08) Front Facing:
💘(8:06) Car Seat:

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