Meera (Kavita Kapoor) and Mohan (Rakesh Bedi) are married and working in the same office. They have not revealed their relationship to their boss Mr Varma (Asif Sheikh), who does not miss any chance of flirting with Meera. Mohan hates it and spends most of his time protecting his wife from Varma.The story revolves around a news channel company (earlier an ad agency) where Vinod Verma (Aashif Sheikh) works as the chief editor of the company, Mohan Srivastava (Rakesh Bedi) works as the Junior Supervisor and Meera Srivastava (Kavita Kapoor) works as the chief reporter. As Vinod has a crush on Meera, he tries to flirt with her; but she is married with Mohan, who shares a bitter-sweet relationship with Verma. Mohan has concealed this secret from the world, mainly Vinod. In Vinod’s eyes, Meera is married to a very old person named Bunty-Ji, who is Mohan himself disguised as an old man, partly to irritate Vinod. The wife of Mr.Verma, Kavita Verma (Delnaaz Paul) also tries to stop this flirting of Vinod with Meera, and thus with new ideas Verma tries to flirt with Meera; it is up to Mohan to save his wife from the ever-flirtatious Vinod, some crooked way or the other.

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