A look at what makes Jack Leiter a special college pitcher and potential first round pick in 2021. In this breakdown we look at his pitch metrics, lower half mechanics, arm action and more. Let us know what you think in the comments!


0:00 Is Jack Leiter the Next BIG THING?
0:29 Quick Facts
1:32 Scouting Report
4:28 What Makes His Fastball So Good?
7:45 Jack Leiter x MLB Fastball Comparison
9:56 Vertical Approach Angle
14:22 Leg Lift & Linear Move
22:25 Tempo & Rhythm
26:16 Early Torso Rotation
28:27 Arm Path
30:11 Is Extreme ROM the Unlock?
32:00 What Else I Like About Jack Leiter
34:23 Are You STUCK On Your Development Journey??

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