A comprehensive tutorial on how to create your own custom anime style avatar for VRChat using VROID Studio and other useful tools! You will learn:

0:31 What is VRChat?
1:17 Before you get started
2:40 What is Unity?
4:08 What is VRChat Trust Level?
5:49 What is VROID Studio?
8:15 What is VRM?
10:06 What tools support VRM format?
12:14 Useful tools to convert VRM for VRChat
13:09 How to edit model textures for free
13:57 How to make recordings like this video
15:21 How to use VROID Studio
51:03 How to import your VRM into Unity
55:41 How to use VRM Converter for VRChat
57:48 How to upload your Avatar to VRChat
1:00:38 Converted VRM Avatar comparison
1:03:42 How to add objects to your avatar
1:14:05 Intro to VIVE VR Store in VRChat

Don’t forget to check out VIVE VR Store on VRChat with your custom avatar!

Links to everything you need!
VRChat SDK2:
VROID Studio:
VRM Converter for VRChat (Includes UniVRM):

Other useful tools:
Virtual Motion Capture:
Virtual Cast:

For more information about Virtual Reality and HTC VIVE check out:

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