HA!FOOLS,OTHER VIDEOS HAVE MISSED A VERY IMPORTANT STEP FOR THIS TO WORK.Check below for shortcut.So yeah other videos i saw skipped an important step that makes genshin work on steam,so even if you aren’t using a ps3 controller you need to do this step for your controller to work,those videos being the top 4-5 results after a youtube search for controllers on genshin.And some don’t have commentary.BUT I Painfully experimented with anything i could find and found the solution,I might’ve screamed(silently) when i saw that the controller worked and that gave me the idea for the thumbnail.This is also Version 2 of the general tutorial as it is better in every aspect.

00:00-Getting the stuff needed and Steam Game Example
09:49-Genshin Impact
17:12-Non-Steam Game Example
19:36-Epic Games Launcher,Origin and Other External Launchers

If you want/need to uninstall the driver you can see in the video i show where you can find the driver in your add/remove programs list(3:18 to be exact)you just go ahead and uninstall it from there.

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