Download the newest non-beta patch. 7.6b does not matter. Newer patches come with a widescreen patch that may make the hex edit obsolete. This “respatch” sometimes patches in resolutions monitors can’t handle causing screen blackouts. Use the hex edit if the respatch doesn’t let you change the resolutions to suit your available ones.

Unofficial Patch –

Alternate Unofficial Patch Downloads –
KWix link (8.9) –
My OneDrive:
Patches 8.9 & 9.0 –
German Patch 8.9 –
My Google Drive:
Patch 9.0 –
Patch 8.9 –
German Patch 8.9 –
My Dropbox (Tends to get suspended with heavy traffic):
Patch 9.0 –
Patch 8.9 –
Patch 7.6b –
German Patch 8.9 –

HxD Hex Editor –
Wide Screen Tutorial –
Wide Screen Tutorial backup link –
Failed to find Steam –
“I do not have a valid reply” issue during tutorial with Jack –
Binkw32.dll and unable to load engine.dll –
(If this fails, try placing all DLL files from your bin folder into the main VtMB folder.)
Helpful gathered info for various errors –
Steam Group:


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