Welcome to new Epic, Crazy and Angry Moto episode, in this episode you will see daily stuff that bikers recorded on their rides. We are adding our selves to explain some situations.

FIRST -iAsh’s-Pro- Almost got saved from imminent accident –
0:49 -HSVJD- Driver barely misses centre divider because they have no idea. –
1:05 -Marius Nieuwenhuizen- Pedestrians are fun! –
1:20 -HughBeRiding- Bird strike and a close encounter with some pheasants –
1:44 -ChristophSBV- SUPERMOTO in two pieces –
2:26 -Just Call Me POOH- Crazy Car CRASH!!! –
4:19 -Sapoconcho Raider- Car Crashed –
4:36 -NRider – MotoVlog- cut off Twice in 10 minutes –
5:13 -cz3slaw- motorcycle crash –
5:31 -Tommy Griffin- Why is MY LANE so popular?! –
5:48 -Kernow Crosser- YAMAHA MT07 CRASH –
5:57 -SpMoto- Impatient drivers on lights –
6:32 -Daviseira027- Cool Biker moments –
7:20 -Road Rage Mauritius- Driver forgets his sunglasses on his car, the biker warns him –
7:45 -Hegworld- Ninja 300 Fail –
8:34 -Skyhigh- Motocycle crash cyclist ran a red light –
8:52 -Dzente Motovlog- Biker confronted driver that went over line –

🔺 We do not encourage the actions contained in this episode !!! Ride Safe! 🔺

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