T1 vs BRO 2021 LCK Summer Split Week 2 Day 2 Game 2

The LCK 2021 Summer Season is the second split of Korea’s professional League of Legends league under partnership. Ten teams compete in a round robin group stage. Korea has traditionally performed well at international events in League of Legends. Korea is known as the region with the strongest players and many professional teams have gone to Korea to “bootcamp” and play on the solo queue ladder. In the past several years, the Korean scene (LCK) and Chinese scene (LPL) have dominated the championships with RNG from the Chinese region winning the most recent Mid Season Invitational and DWG KIA from South Korea earning second place.

League of Legends differs from traditional games, such as Minecraft, because of the competitiveness. It also differs from Valorant or CS:GO in that it is not a first person shooter. Starcraft is similar, however units are not under your control. League of Legends is heralded as the most popular esport in the world with viewership being broadcasted over ESPN.

Afreeca Freecs
Kiin (Top Laner)
Dread (Jungler)
Fly (Mid Laner)
Leo (Bot Laner)
Lehends (Support)
Cain (Coach)

Kingen (Top Laner)
Destroy (Top Laner)
Pyosik (Jungler)
SOLKA (Mid Laner)
BAO (Bot Laner)
Becca (Support)
cvMax (Coach)
SSONG (Coach)

Khan (Top Laner)
Canyon (Jungler)
ShowMaker (Mid Laner)
Ghost (Bot Laner)
BeryL (Support)
kkOma (Coach)
Ares (Coach)

Fredit BRION
Hoya (Top Laner)
UmTi (Jungler)
Lava (Mid Laner)
Hena (Bot Laner)
Delight (Support)
Edgar (Coach)
Drinker (Coach)

Rascal (Top Laner)
Clid (Jungler)
Bdd (Mid Laner)
Ruler (Bot Laner)
Life (Support)
oDin (Coach)
Ggoong (Coach)

Hanwha Life
Morgan (Top Laner)
yoHan (Jungler)
Chovy (Mid Laner)
Deft (Bot Laner)
Vsta (Support)
Kezman (Coach)
Heart (Coach)

KT Rolster
Doran (Top Laner)
Blank (Jungler)
Dove (Mid Laner)
Noah (Bot Laner)
Zzus (Support)
Harp (Support)
Hirai (Coach)
Acorn (Coach)

Summit (Top Laner)
Croco (Jungler)
FATE (Mid Laner)
Prince (Bot Laner)
Effort (Support)
Micro (Coach)
Joker (Coach)

NS RedForce
Rich (Top Laner)
Peanut (Jungler)
Gori (Mid Laner)
deokdam (Bot Laner)
Kellin (Support)
sBs (Coach)
Comet (Coach)

Canna (Top Laner)
Cuzz (Jungler)
Faker (Mid Laner)
Teddy (Bot Laner)
Keria (Support)
Daeny (Coach)
Zefa (Coach)

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