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Sword Dance Forever Song – Export Search Top Peak – Mini Linh Tien World.

In the world of Sword Dance, you will have some fierce battles with unique features:
– 1v1 inter-server PK
– Inter-server PK 3V3
– Chien Lien Bang PK Server
– Cong Thanh Chien – paintings of thousands of people, thousands of football.
– Boss PK Occupy between teams, state schools.
– PK is not limited to all-terrain server, positions such as martial.
– War-Ta Main Distribution endlessly painting.

Special Feature deals – top legendary super easy climb in Kiem Vu Vo Song.

Explore the world tu foot of the magnificent and the grace awaits you with a lot of firsts:
– The first mobile game and make informed home birth.
– The first game has 500+ class fashion set.
– Mount is extremely cool.
– Pet lovely – beautiful – poison – peak.
– Holy Spirit, according to the most Andromeda super charming.
Tu worth playing first masterpiece in 2017 for most of the series Tru Fan Tien and Tien Tu prisoners! Write a love letter to the natural history’s most monumental Kiem Vu Vo Song!

Support: Android 4.3, RAM 512 or more.

Android :
iOS :

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