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★ Sister Love by John Escott
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Marcia met Howard when she was 35 years old. This unintentional meeting took place in the church. The guy was six years older than that. He lived with his old mother in a small house on the outskirts of the city. Marcia was living in an apartment with her sister and father. The woman wasn’t working anywhere. Her father was sick, and she had to stay in the apartment all the time. He spent his days in bed, and he couldn’t be alone. Marcia had taken care of him all her spare time. She could only go out when her sister came back from college. The sister was 10 years younger and looked really attractive: healthy tan, long soft hair. Many men were interested in Karin, and Marcia was still in the shadows. No one was smiling at her, and no one was going to meet or dine together.

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