1.11 100% reliable design:

Today I got the simplest item elevator to the date, the initial concept was developed by Mayguel3000 with the idea of improving Ilmango’s latest design [link below], and he made it, then I took his layout and improved the wiring to the point that you only need trapdoors, 4 redstone dust, 2 torches and one wooden pressure plate, and it’s even very easy to memorize so you can use it as a standard from now.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This elevator is ONLY recommended when you have a constant input of the same item type, it tends to miss some items if not. I’ll try to find what causes this issue, but in case you need an elevator for irregular I highly recommend using Ilmangos.

Hope this contraption’s helpful for you.


Elemental Server: [Soon]



Design by Mayguel3000 and TDL.
Video edit by TDL.
Music by LASERS.
Minecraft by Mojang.
AfterEffects by Adobe.
TDL by his mom.

Nguồn: https://truthabouttoyota.com/

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