In this video on the sha 256 algorithm, we learn the basics of the sha 256 algorithm. We start with a brief recap into what is hashing, and learning about the secure hash algorithm family. We take a look at the characteristic of the SHA family and it’s working from the padding of bits till we receive the hash digest. At the end, we go through the applications to fully understand how sha 256 algorithm works.

The topics covered in this video are:
00:00:00 Introduction
00:01:15 What is Hashing?
00:03:43 What is SHA?
00:05:53 SHA Characteristics
00:07:36 Steps in SHA
00:12:37 Applications of SHA

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The family of secure hash algorithms, also known as the SHA algorithms are the current global standard when it comes to data integrity verification and basic digest calculation. Seen as successor to the message digest family, SHA 1 was first published in 1995 and its subsequent versions were revisioned to provide the maximum security, without compromising on speed or scalability. A very important part of secure web browsing, the SHA family has digest size ranging from 160 to 512 bits.

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