This RPC Authority wiki reading videos is about RPC 219 “Gnashing of Teeth”. A microcassette that causes listeners to develop eating disorders eventually into becoming cannibals. RPC-219 is a Maxwell brand microcassette with the “Made in” label scratched off. It bears marks of rigorous use, as its labels have worn off and it bears a series of small cracks running across its surface. The microcassette contains a single seven-minute audio track for its entire runtime, consisting of a combination of discordant mechanical noise, staccato drumbeats, and a distorted bass guitar riff. Anomalous effects begin to manifest in several stages after a human subject, now designated RPC-219-1, listens to the audio track in its entirety.

Table of Contents:
00:00 introduction
00:41 Description
03:57 Addendum: Discovery Logs
04:35 Addendum 219-Alpha
05:32 Memo from Director ██████████████

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