In this video we put a new wooden floor into the workshop to fix the issues we had with the old floor. We build a frame and set it on top of the old floor and then insulated it. We then put heavy duty planks on tope of the frame and stained it using homemade stain to give ourselves a beautiful and very durable floor that will last a very long time in the workshop. This project turned out very well and I am making good headway on the workshop here now.

Join my dog and I at our wilderness homestead in the Canadian North. This channel features videos on off-the-grid lifestyle and building, trapline adventures, hunting, fishing, trucks and much more!

I live off the land in a self reliant and self sufficient lifestyle. The land provides me with everything I need. My offgrid cabin is solar powered, heated by a wood stove and most everything I eat comes from the land; fish, eggs from my chickens, and many different wild game species. The lifestyle I live is essentially expense free and blesses me with the opportunity to do whatever I please.

In the winter months we head out on the trapline and ethically harvest fur bearing animals. Through moderate and sustainable methods I snare and trap these animals and work on, and sell the pelts at auction which provides a decent income for me to invest in my off the grid homestead and lifestyle.

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