Unit 9 English 9 – Bài Tập Tiếng Anh Mai Lan Hương 9 (IV-VI)
IV. Write all the pronouns possible to complete each sentence. Write Ø if the sentence is correct without a pronoun. I was talking about. tell jokes all the time. we talk about in class are interesting. 1. Mrs Green is the woman 2. I don’t like people 3. The subjects 4. Alex bought a bicycle, 5. The student 6. The teacher 7. This is the letter 8. The person to 9. The new stadium, is specially designed for long-distance racing. essay I read writes well1. I like most is Mrs. Grange. I’ve been looking for. An spoke could not answer her question. can hold 90,000 people, will be opened next month. 10. Ann, lives next door, is very friendly. he’s enjoying a lot. 11. Colin told me about his new job, 12. Is this the article in 13. Which is the European country 14. We visited Barcelona, you were interested? economy is growing the fastest? is a city in northern Spain. I hadn’t seen for ages.. 15. This morning I met Diane,
V. Join the sentences and write them with a relative clause, using who, whom, which or that. Put in the comma(s) where necessary. It has 150 inhabitants. Do you know a shop? I know some people. We live in a village called Henfield I want some plates. Tim told me about his new job. He stole mny car. He works with my sister Sedge. It’s really easy to read. She kept her photos in the box. She used to be my classmate. He’s enjoyed it very much. They could help you. The police haven’t found the man. I lent her The Old Man and the Sea. We’ve got some light bulbs. This is Peter Taylor. I’ve had a card from Sally. They can go in the microwave. It sells good coffee. I spoke to her on the phone. They last for years. Laura had a wooden box. I don’t know the name of the woman
VI. Match the parts in column A with the parts in column B and C. Then write sentences with a non-defining clause or adding clause. 1. The Grand Canyon 2. Nelson Mandela He was killed in 1980. He was one of the Beatles. It attracts many tourists. It stood for 28 years, 3. John Lennon It was built in 1961. She ruled over the British Empire. It is a beautiful river. It is one of the wonders 4. The Titanic He discovered penicillin. 5. Queen Victoria He was in prison for 27 years. of the world. 6. Mars She came to the It was supposed to be throne in 1837. unsinkable. 7. The Berlin Wall It sank in 1912. It is 140 million miles He was a Scotsman. 8. The Wye It is known as the red planet. It is often crowded in away. 9. Alexander Fleming It is over 200 miles long. It flows through the summer. 10. Oxford He became President of Hereford. South Africa.

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