Hey there! I’m Matt, and just like the title says, this short clip is basically a list of most of my ults across K-pop as of July 2021, but it’s also going to be the introduction to all of my future videos! Still trying to figure out what kind of content I’ll be making, but I can’t wait to start! 💫

(The music used is original, and I just made it on GarageBand, but I will be linking all of the fancams in the description below!)

– NCT’s Taeil (Kick It, 06/26/20, KBS Music Bank):
– NCT’s Kun (Kick Back, 03/22/21, SBS Inkigayo):
– Stray Kids’ Seungmin (Back Door, 09/17/20, Mnet M-Countdown):
– AB6IX’s Daehwi (CLOSE, 05/02/21, SBS Inkigayo):
– TWICE’s Chaeyoung (FANCY, 04/25/19, Mnet M-Countdown):
– EXO’s D.O (Tempo, 11/27/18, KBS Music Bank):
– Soloist, Kang Daniel (PARANOIA, 02/22/21, SBS Inkigayo):
– ITZY’s Ryujin (In the morning, 05/06/21, Mnet M-Countdown):
– NCT’s Jungwoo (Work It, 11/29/20, SBS Inkigayo):
– TWICE’s Jihyo (I CAN’T STOP ME, 11/09/20, SBS Inkigayo):
– NCT’s Jeno (Ridin’, 05/01/20, KBS Music Bank):
– AB6IX’s Woong (CLOSE, 04/30/21, KBS Music Bank):
– NCT’s Sungchan (90’s Love, 11/27/20, KBS Music Bank):
– EXO and SuperM’s Kai (Love Shot, 12/14/18, KBS Music Bank):
– Soloist, Chung Ha (Bicycle, 02/25/21, Mnet M-Countdown):
– ITZY’s Yeji (River, 04/04/21, Mnet Studio Choom):
– æspa’s Ningning (Next Level, 05/28/21, KBS Music Bank):

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