Illustrated Igvm virus file removal guide:

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00:50 Automatic Removal
02:00 Manual Removal
05:13 File Recovery

Igvm virus is a ransomware-type of infection that belongs to the STOP/DJVU family of crypto viruses, whose primary purpose of activity is to get victims to pay BitCoin as a form of ransom payoff to get their files to work. To lock their files in the first place, this virus uses the AES encryption algorithm and the .lgvm file extension which is added after their names. Then, this ransomware may leave a ransom note file, called _readme.txt, that may contain different types of ransom demand instructions. The main goal of these is to give you steps to contact the criminals and negotiate the ransom demand.

If you have fallen victim to the Igvm virus, recommendations are not to trust these crooks and watch this video or read the removal article to find out more on how it works and how to remove it effectively.

We at have been covering the latest threats since 2015, and we strongly recommend that you always do a check-up and choose a credible source for guidance. Always make sure that these are real people behind each article or video and not some scammers who may only be after your money.

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