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Wheel bearings can often times get overlooked. It’s easy to not think about wheel bearings as long as the car runs. We’re always taught that the most important things to service on the car are fluid changes, ignition maintenance, and brake care. Yet, wheel bearings are just as important. When wheel bearings fail, things can get ugly pretty quickly. So now that we have an awareness of wheel bearings, how do we go about changing them? There are two ways, buy a new pre-assembled hub which is usually very expensive, or buy a rebuild kit and rebuild your original hub. Until recently, rebuilding wheel hubs was the way to go. Now you can buy a brand new aftermarket wheel hub with bearings for less than a wheel hub rebuild kit! That means all you need to do is add grease and go!

In this DIY How to video that is exactly what we’ll be doing. I’ll show you how to prep your brand new wheel hub and get it ready for road use on your Mercedes Benz S Class S500 W220.
The good thing about the Mercedes Benz S500 W220 is that it’s very user friendly. Installing a new wheel hub that is already pre-assembled will be quite easy. There is one thing to consider though. That is measuring the end play for your wheel bearing hub.

Mercedes Benz allows for a tolerance of .01-.02 mm (.001 inch) of end play on your wheel hubs. That means that it’s very hard to measure this distance by feel. Good thing there are tools for measuring end play on your Mercedes Benz S Class S500 W220. The tools needed to measure end play on your Mercedes Benz wheel hub are a Dial Indicator and a Dial Indicator magnetic base. Both can be purchased for a good price and will give you peace of mind that you have installed your wheel hub correctly.

When it comes to choosing wheel bearing grease there are so many options to choose from. The best thing to consider when choosing a wheel bearing grease is to check the grease tube for the NLGI #2 label and that it is rated GC-LB. Also check the temperature rating to make sure it matches the application you will be using it for.

Now that we know it’s cheaper to buy a brand new wheel hub, and what tools to use to make sure we have our wheel hub on correctly, and what type of grease to use. Let’s get to work on installing this new wheel hub onto our Mercedes Benz along with our new grease and bring some more life into our cars!

Mercedes Benz S Class S500 W220 Wheel Hub and Bearings Parts, Greases, and Tools:

Commercial Grade 9 Liters HEATED ULTRASONIC CLEANER:

Wheel Hub Grease Mobil 1:

Dial Indicator:

Digital Dial Indicator:

Optimal Wheel bearing Kit:

Wheel Hub With Bearings:

Wheel Hub Grease FEBI:

Wheel Hub Grease FUCHS: LX-PEP2:

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