Today I want to show you guys how I personally level up my steam account. This is the way I found to be the quickest and works every time!! Hope you guys enjoy!

Steam Tools:


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0:00 Intro
1:02 How leveling up works
3:45 Best place to purchase cards for crafting badges
6:27 How to craft the cards into a badge for xp
7:36 Summary and Outro

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Setup peripherals:
– Main monitor:
– Second monitor:
– Monitor arm stand:
– Keyboard:
– Mouse:
– Mousepad:
– Headset:
– Mic:
– Pop filter:
– Mic arm:
– Speakers:
– Speaker stands:
– Soundboard:
– RBG strip lights:

PC Specs:
– CPU:
– GPU:
– RAM:
– Motherboard:
– CPU cooler:
– HHD:
– SSD:
– Case:
– RBG lighting:

What I use to make videos/stream:
– OBS:
– Streamlabs:
– Adobe Premiere Pro:
– Adobe Photoshop:


Music by: various no copyright artists!

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