This is the second video i made on fixing league of internet lag for gaming i messed up a lot so i remade the video and tried to explain it a lot more.

League ports on bottom of description :

ipconfig /all

I am not networking certified I just spent alot of time fixing and researching my internet problems and share my experience helping other people, The process of how i start prepping my pc is below

whenever i think its the computers fault i look up the games minimum requirements to see if it matches my pc for league it would be the link below

when i believe its a internet problem i start by resetting my router to default and upgrade my routers firmware if possible, then i find the ports like i did in the video above and port forward my router like the video above suggests, when thats done i do the same with the pc firewall.

when thats done i usually run driver reviver or look threw my pc components or google my drivers to see if any updates are available.

Honestly its a tedious thing to get it done but it works for me and ive seem to help alot of ppl and grateful for the people giving me feedback it makes me wanna make videos and be more active on youtube.

if anyone runs into probloms after doing what i mentioned above lmk ill do my research certain routers are known to have certain problems and many forums help with networking and im always down to learn something new,

I am not network certified but ill help as much as possible 🙂

•5000 – 5500 UDP – League of Legends Game Client
•8393 – 8400 TCP – Patcher and Maestro
•2099 TCP – PVP.Net
•5223 TCP – PVP.Net
•5222 TCP – PVP.Net
•80 TCP – HTTP Connections
•443 TCP – HTTPS Connections
•8080 UDP-TCP – Spectator Mode


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