This is only a test! I just bought a really cheap Sony HC26 camera to take to Egypt and thought I would try out the idea of delivering video lectures for my Environmental Psychology on-line class from remote areas. Yesterday we went to the Real Goods Solar Living Center in Hopland California and bought a “JuiceBag” solar powered back pack, and then bought the camera for about $250 along with an Energizer car charger for the battery which can be plugged into the backpack. Now we can make videos anywhere the sun shines without worrying about running low on battery power. While I was buying the camera, I decided to get a gift for the DiMassa kids, so I bought them “Guitar Hero II” — a sony playstation game that the whole family can enjoy. The idea was that, since everyone is complaining that video games are wrecking families, we would find a game that Frank and his wife Karen and the kids could all do together.
It really rocks — and makes us think that “School of Rock” (the Jack Black film) has a lot to tell us about why the school environment is all wrong for learning…


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