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Live update event
Talk about news and topical issues LIVE

Today we have each brought a topic…
RCA, changes to MRCGP/CSA and tips, thought and ideas for trainees and trainers
How the jobs market has been affected by COVID and effects on ST3 and locums – pulse article
Locum GPs forced to claim benefits as work dries up…


How has your week been?
Andy… Busy!!! Care Home work and ST3 to GP online event – Zoom event – lots of fun and inspired our news item pick today.

Fourteen Fish provided how to record video and phone consultations:

Full details:

Easily record
Share with trainer – watch back at faster speed! – excellent

13 consultations, demonstrate competencies across curriculum, video or telephone, explain examination so thinking along the process.

Good video from Amon Arora

News Item….

“Locum GPs forced to claim benefits as work dries up”
Dramatic title!!!
GP workload reduced during initial COVID response
Reduced patient demand
People cancelled holidays
Retired GP working for free
Technology enabled sick or isolating staff to continue to consult and work
Locum work cancelled or Not booked
Or shifts that are available in COVID assessment clinics or COVID visiting services
Higher risk an issue for shielding locums

Worries that some of these shifts may be permanent?
Technology and e-consulting may have lasting effect on demand management?
PAtients will continue to be more confident with self care?

What do you think

Zoom Event with AiTs was interesting
Anxiety about jobs market
Fewer considering locum work and more interest in salaried and partnership
Considering applying and meeting practice during COVID interesting

Tips for ST3s… And Locums?
Don’t panic…
“This too will pass”… things will go back to normal… probably
Continue to network, look for jobs, apply
Think about what is best for you… “correction” to locum working risk reward position?
Build financial resilience appropriate to how reliable you stream of work is
Black swan events happen
How to get your CCT:
How to get a job as a GP locum, salaried or partner:


Other interesting points…
Video meetings for practices and MDTs, learning events tips for this and more below

Online meetings in primary care:

eGPlearning Tech Tuesday : PPG arrangements for practices :

Next time…
Gandhi joining us from RCGP council meeting in 2w
Recorded interview next week

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