When Sims 4 launched, CAS, alongside new build features, was seen as some of the best things about Sims 4. In many reviews, Sims 4 was touted for greater customization options, cc and mods aside. But while updates and patches are often marketed towards body diversity and inclusion, a potentially controversial feature was proposed– and later removed– for the Sims 4.

I’ll give you my honest opinion and analysis in what could be an investigative series about Sims 4 development. This video will cover an interview/ Q&A with a Sim Guru.

The goal of this series is to see what decisions were made and why– and how it may impact gameplay and even expansions in 2021 and even for a future Sims 5.

Stay tuned. I cover Sims 4 news, leaks, hints, updates, and more. I hope to continue Sims 4 Cottage Living news as we get closer to the new expansion. I also cover Paralives.

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It’s been a busy time for Sims 4, with the Summer of the Sims in full swing. So far, there’s been the Oasis Kit, Dream Home Decorator game pack, and an update that gave us likes and dislikes, as well as bunk beds and more. Now, we’re anticipating a Summer Event (with mysterious hints)v along with the Cottage Living Expansion pack. But in the bigger scheme, what is the future 4 DLC?

Today, I’m going back to review an interview with Sim Guru Graham to dive into how the Sims 4 follows trends, how it deals (or doesn’t) with real-world events and culture. I’ll also discuss my predictions for the future of Sims 4 DLC, and my honest opinion of the Sims 4 in 2021– updates included.

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