Công chúa tóc mây Rapunzel: Trang trí phòng cho Rapunzel (Princess Rapunzel Favourite Room)
Princess Rapunzel is a good girl who always prefers hygienic way of life. She is very good at making friends. The friends of the princess would come to visit her on every week end. So, on every Friday the princess would adorn the room in a grand manner with the pretty house-maid Bella. Today Bella hasn’t come for work. You join the princess and decorate the room in a grand manner. You have all the required decorative items. All that you have to do is to place things in an appropriate order. Drag things and place them where they should be. You can converse with the princess while working. The king and the queen are very much obliged to you. They are very good rulers. They are in the good books of each and every citizen. You also prove your mettle by giving a grand look to the room of the princess.

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