In this minecraft tutorial I teach you how to build a boat launcher elevator that can be used to connect two different bodies of water at different elevations! Think of it like a version of the water locks used in canals across the world (like the Panama Canal)!

*** Check out my newest design working in 1.12+ here: ***

This redstone design works automatically! All you need to do is move your boat into the launcher or elevator and the redstone will handle the rest! It will launch any boat in minecraft upwards to a maximum of 11 blocks above water level. You could incorporate this into a type of boat house, or boat launch, since the redstone is so compact. You also don’t have to launch your boat to 11 blocks, but instead to any level you choose under it. Basically, if your two bodies of water are between 11 blocks, then you can connect them.

The basic component of this redstone tutorial and build is a compact slime block launcher which is self powered by a tripwire hook. When you drive your boat into it, the tripwire hook will activate the slime block launcher and launch your boat upward like an elevator. This design currently works in minecraft 1.9, and does not appear to be any type of existing glitch.

** This design does not work in 1.10+ due to some changes with boat mechanics.. But if you’re still on a 1.9 world/server it should still be working perfectly! **

If you build this automatic boat launcher / boat elevator / water canal / water lock yourself, let me know in the comments below! I always enjoy hearing it, as well as your feedback! 🙂

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