All music in description. Any SFX I use I can list as well if not already listed.
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MUSIC SOURCES (In order of appearance)

Dark Souls Boss Theme
Cuphead – Clip Joint Calamity (Ribby and Croaks Theme)
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time – Escape from Ganon’s Tower
SRW OGs – Shooting Star, Cut the Night Apart
Dio’s theme for like 5 seconds
Legend of Zelda Wind Waker HD – Molgera Battle Theme
Undertale – In My Way (Genocide-related Music)
Phantasy Star Online 2 – Dark Falz Luther Boss Battle (Note below)

I did not create any of the music in this video.



Minato Aqua –
Kiryu Coco –
Natsuiro Matsuri –
Inugami Korone –

The special move “Mystic Arte” is from Tales of Berseria.

If there are any other sound effects I’ve used that you can’t find yourself, drop a comment and I’ll see if I can help you out with that.

Note about Dark Falz music:
I originally wanted to smoothly transition to the “Whole New World” part of the track, but YouTube didn’t like me doing that. It gives me a huge burst of nostalgia as a PSO1 player, and sounds great, but luckily, the Dark Falz Luther theme is just an all round awesome track anyway.


I still think Skarner is being slept on, and I’m seriously cosidering making a video just about how awesome Skarner is, how fun he is to play, how he “feels” to play, etc. Not necessarily about his effectiveness (though he’s certainly good), but more than that.

If you’re wondering why you’d build attack speed on Skarner, his Q cooldown reduces by 1 second for every auto attack, and his Q does between 1%-3% max HP damage to enemies around you, or 3-6% when “charged” (You’ve cast Q in the past few seconds). Lethal Tempo uncaps your attack speed, and high attack speed items like Rageblade, Bloodrazor and Trinity Force, as well as attack speed from Crystal Charge (Using Skarner’s Crystal Spires, OR attacking while enemies are stunned by E or R) gives you a TON of attack speed to go over that cap with and spam the absolute crap out of Q. I think Conqueror is still probably better overall, but Lethal Tempo is a lot of fun and fairly viable to be honest. Even Conqueror (sometimes used in this vid), I take Bloodrazor almost all the time.
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